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Self Priming Pump

Self Priming Water Pump as the name says primp itself and can handle solids. Superior functioning than the submersible pump, and can pump fluid even when the pump is out of the pit. This type of pump has significant use in different industries. If you are looking to add it to your facility and searching for one of the best Self Priming Pump Manufacturers in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Vikas Pump can be the right choice. Being client-centric, we examine their operation and characteristic on different grounds. The Self Priming Pump For 1HP mixes the air with the recirculating water in the casing.

Salient Features Of Our SS Self Priming Pump:

  • Suitable to be used in sewage lift stations.
  • Can deal with solids efficiently.
  • Can continually pump fluid while the pump is out of the pit.
  • Solid and vigorous construction.
  • Can be assembled quickly.
  • Different configurations are available.
  • Eases the process and increases efficiency.

Type : SP

Design Features :

Vikas SP type pump is basically a Centrifugal Pump with an added feature of self priming mechanism. No foot valve is required. No priming headache and suction lift as high as 7.5 meters can be achieved.

Application :

For dewatering construction work sites, foundations and sewage water etc.Irrigation and other uses. Sump services and for handling non corrosive chemicals and other contaminated liquids. Clearing sewers, manholes, and draining out stagnant water.

Manufacturing Range :

  • Size : 25 mm to 150 mm
  • Total Head : Upto 50 Meters
  • Capacity : Upto 4000 LPM

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